2013 Ford EcoSport Coming To USA?

As the One Ford strategy put in place by Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been rolling out, we tend to see new products introduced in other parts of the world now and have more confidence we may also see it here in the United States.

Ford has just pulled the cover off its new B-Segment SUV in India of all places, called the EcoSport. Think of it as a Ford Fiesta with SUV height and utility. It comes in slightly smaller than the new Ford Escape and will be sold across the globe in several markets.

The cute littly guy will offer Ford’s new 1.0 liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder engine with direct injection and turbocharging. We imagine the same 1.6 liter normally aspirated 4-cylinder found in the Ford Fiesta will also be offered in some markets too.

The new SUV offers aggressive style and an upmarket feel that will make it a continued success in all the markets which it currently is sold including South America and Mexico. We believe EcoSport also has a good chance of being intruduced here in the United States and Canada too as Ford continues to integrate its global products into our market.

Ford says it will eventually be sold in some 100 markets around the glob, some announced and some not announced. And to go along with that, Ford has said that the new 1.0 liter EcoBoost 3-cylinder engine will be offered in the United States.

Initially the EcoSport will be produced in Brazil and India. Ford has said it will eventaully be produced in another yet to be announced plant. This could very well be somewhere in North America including Mexico, or even in China. If the EcoSport is offered in the United States we’d likely see models produced from Brazil or a North American plant.

If the EcoSport comes to the United States, expect it to be priced just below the new 2013 Ford Escape that made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show last fall.


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