Shanghai Auto Show: Buick Envision SUV Concept

The Buick Envision SUV concept vehicle makes is debut this week at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. Buick is big in China, and China is big on Buick. And because of that General Motors has increasingly molded the Buick brand to Chinese tastes, needs and aspirations.

Thus more and more of the concepts for future Buicks have been making their debut in China. GM says that the Envision merges Buick’s global design language with Chinese aesthetics for the SUV segment.

“The Envision was developed jointly by Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC),” said Shi Hong, Director of Buick Marketing at Shanghai GM. “It introduces the development direction for Buick’s future SUV products for the market.”

According to Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design, “The Envision has inherited Buick design DNA and taken the Buick global design language to a new height. It makes a significant statement for Buick styling and technology, and will influence upcoming models from the brand.”

While the emphasis of the Envision is being made to what it means to the Chinese market, the likelyhood a production version could make it to the United States is pretty high. Buick currently does not have a compact SUV in the showrooms. This concept represents a consistent design theme to what we have been seeing from Buick lately too.

The concept of course features lots of over the top materials, swing up doors, and technology that we have become jaded to here. But in China, the populous is still young as it relates to dreams and aspirations to the future of the car. We have already seen the wild flying cars that never came to light. In China, they still have the fire and passion for that which is just beyond reality.

The fact however that there are still places within General Motors, whether they be in Asia or in the States, that still have the power to dream and create is a good sign. The fires are still alive for the car. Whether we will see the Envision here or something that takes its cues from it, we will see.


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